Shop the pig and save!

While Barack Hussein Adolph Obama prepares to give a speech in Germany at some massive totalitarian-inspired venue that just reeks of Nazism and invading Poland, Straight-Talking semanticist John McCain was to make an appearance on an oil rig where he was expected to wear a hard hat which would have projected an air of youth and ruggedness for the ninety two year-old who usually only wakes up to give speeches and watch Golden Girls reruns. But God, who hates John McCain, sent a rain of frogs into the gulf (as foretold in the Book of Magnolia 8:2) and so McCain had to go to Plan B:

Republican John McCain pushed back on Wednesday against Democratic criticism that he misstated when the troop buildup ordered by President Bush began, saying elements were put in place before Bush announced the strategy in early 2007.

He told reporters during an unscheduled stop in a super market that, what the Bush administration calls "the surge" was actually "made up of a number of components," some of which began before the president’s order for more troops.

Reporting from the incontinence and sanitary napkin aisle where Depends are $2 off with coupon, this is David Gregory…