In the Great Weblog Awards War of ’08 Wonkette  has joined The Confluence in righteous battle for Best Liberal Blog. Hilarity ensues.

It’s worth mentioning that The Confluence is a PUMA blog which means that Jim Newell is spending precious moments of his life arguing with people who still think it would have been fairer for Hillary Clinton to have been allowed to play from the ladies tees during the primary season. And if you think that groups like the Susan B. Anthony List or the CWA are detrimental to the feminist movement, you’ll have to admit that The Confluence is really pulling out the stops when it comes to reconsidering that whole women’s suffrage thing.

In a post entitled Wonkette Gets Pwn’ed:

Don’t forget, Captain Spaulding says VOTE!

For Best Liberal Blog, vote for The Confluence here

For Best New Blog, vote for Uppity Woman here

For Best Small Blog, vote for Nice Deb here

For Best Hidden Gem, vote for Deadenders here

If you feel obligated to cast a vote in every category, Captain Spaulding says Ace of Spades is 2% less evil than the other nominees for “Best Conservative Blog” so you can vote for them here

That would be Play-doh and bacon Ace of Spades.

Hey, for all I know having your electric ladyland compared to Play-Doh & bacon is sweet pillow talk to a PUMA.