The Galts of Gullible Gulch

Galt Gulch seemed so much bigger in the book

Threatened by "Obama’s Thugs" which slims her pickin’s mightily, Dr. Mrs Ole Perfesser assembles a crack panel of quarter millionaires (plus one dollar) who describe how they are going to Go John Galt

Jumping to the middle of the video (People Who Are Going John Galt), hilarity ensues as an engineering consultant, a web designer from Akron, and a student describe how they are Going Galt by, respectively: figuring out a way to pay less taxes, stopping smoking and moving her checking account, and, um, you know, kinda  living the Rand dream and, um, annoying the shit out of other people.


I guess all of the titans of industry were unavailable for comment. Or maybe they’ve already Gone Galt. Didja ever think of that? Hunh? Hunh?

We’re so screwed.

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