Brady Dennis has a profile of sorts up on Elizabeth Warren where he poses the following horrible dilemma facing America:

She’s either the plain-spoken, supremely smart crusader for middle-class families that her supporters adore, or she’s the power-hungry headline seeker her critics loathe, a fiery zealot disguised in professorial glasses and pastel cardigans.

Who are these critics who hate this woman with the fiery passion of an economic meltdown?

She has received fervent backing from consumer advocates, labor unions, academics and scores of Democratic lawmakers. Tens of thousands of people have signed online petitions urging Obama to choose her. Her endorsements have ranged from the New York Times to to Dr. Phil.

Others have made no secret about their distaste for Warren, questioning her qualifications and describing her as an ideologue.

“I get disgusted every time I hear her speak. It’s like she’s sitting in some ivory tower, not understanding the ramifications of anything she says,” Anton Schutz, president of Mendon Capital Advisors, recently told Reuters — a sentiment shared by others in the financial industry, though rarely so candidly. “Any person you put in that role really ought to have some industry experience.”

I love the smell of banksters complaining about someone else living in an “ivory tower” in the morning. It smells like…douchebaggery.