Angry eagle is disappointed in you. Yes, he is.

Pat Dollard, the former hollywood agent/douchebag who made a career move to self-promoting douchebag, took to the twittertubes last night and, in a rambling twitterlanche (which basically casts aside the whole pithy 140 character twitter bon mot concept because rebels and outlaws refuse to play by your rules) where he grabbed  his big manly balls and taunted New Yorkers, telling them that they are big fucking pussyboy scaredy-cat homos if they don’t oppose the Ground Zero Caliphate Community Center (Singles Night Square Dancing every Wednesday 7PM. Please see sign-up sheet), because, not in my house, man, NOT IN MY FUCKING HOUSE!

I have taken the liberty of arranging Dollard’s twittertwats into a somewhat more coherent, to say nothing of chronological, order for your reading pleasure:

The ultimate test of whether or not New Yorkers deserve their beloved reputation of toughness will be told by whether or not they take

the streets, and unleash whatever is necessary to make the building, let alone the existence, of this mosque too dangerous for the city….

…to allow it to continue. Once New Yorkers make the construction of the mosque a public menace, a public threat to safety and peace, then

even the mayor will have no choice but to kill it to protect the public. The mosque must be made to be a lightning rod of violence, then

it will go

This is ground zero. If anywhere is the final line in the sand, the definitive place for the “anything goes” battle line to be drawn…

…this is it. If you can’t fight full force to protect ground zero from bearing a victory memorial to the 9-11 perpetrators, you can’t

fight for anything. Try driving by the mosque with your kids in the car and looking them in the eye. Wanna do that instead of fighting?


I mean: America, fuck yeah!

Actually, it reads better in the voice in your head if you play Eye of the Tiger in the background while practicing your pouty badass look in the mirror.

Smoke’em if you got’em America.