Over at Salon, Alex Pareene has compiled a compelling and entertaining  list of the top 30 media hacks of our time, and he has been doling them out on a daily basis with the top ten due to drop on Wednesday (maybe now while you are reading this! Exciting!)

As of this writing (up to #11, George Will), so far so good. However I’m kind of surprised that D-lister SE Cupp made the cut although I’m sure she is thrilled to be noticed at all seeing as she is such a grasping climber who seems to believe that people will mistake her on-camera twinkling for brightness. Close but no cigar (she smokes them!) since somebody else is already working the bespectacled, balls-bigger-than-their-boobs, outdoorswoman schtick to death, albeit with diminishing returns.

While Susan, who works the I Cover the McMeganfront beat, pulls for her gal to come out on top, I’m going to have to go with Mark Halperin, the consistently wrong-headed dispenser of conventional wisdom. It takes a special kind of alchemy to distill banalities down to an almost narcotizing purity. Reading Halperin is almost like having blackout, but without the where-am-I-and-why-am-I-naked-from-the-waist-down afterglow.

Also. Too. I’ll be disappointed if Byron York doesn’t make the list. Anyone who honestly believes that they attained greater credibility  by leaving the National Review for the Washington Examiner deserves some kind of special recognition for being, well, special.

(Update) Fuck. I lost my office pool.