James Pethoukoukis begins his  Love Song to Sarah Palin, Ice Goddess Warrior Princess of The North with an unfortunate opening sentence:

Sarah Palin rides to the sound of the guns.

…and then proceeds to go  Bulwer-Lytton on a Red Bull & Cialis binge about that quittin’ gal that he just can’t quit:

It was a chilly, wet and blustery afternoon in Madison, Wisconsin — one more appropriate for a late-season Packers game than a springtime political rally. The stirring NFL Films theme, “The Classic Battle,” would’ve been a more apt musical choice than Van Halen’s “Right Now” to accompany Palin as she entered the stage outside the state capital building to address thousands of Tea Party members, along with a good number of extremely hostile, expletive-hurling government union rowdies.

Let’s stop here and compare “thousands” to “a good number”:

According to Capitol police, about 6,500 attended the rallies. Officials could not say which was bigger, mainly because the counter-rally protesters spent as much time jeering the tea party event as they did listening to their own speakers. Most observers agreed, however, that both crowds seemed roughly equal in size.

But never mind that, let’s let Pethoukoukis describe how Sarah Palin crushed her enemies, drove them before her, and heard the lamentations of their women over her own screechy ice-picks-in-the-eardrums voice:

But all it took was one powerful, pugnacious and presidential speech — just 15 minutes long — for Palin to again make herself completely relevant to the current political and policy battles raging across America.

She waded forcefully into the state’s white-hot battle over government union power, giving her full-throated support to Gov. Scott Walker:


Then, perfectly capturing the real-time mood of the conservative grassroots, Palin scorched the ever-shrinking budget deal negotiated by congressional Republicans.


She then urged Washington Republicans to take a page from the national champion University of Wisconsin women’s hockey team and “learn how to fight like a girl.”


She defended, to great cheering, Wisconsin’s own Paul Ryan from the president’s blindside attack on his bold budget plan.


That line about fighting like a girl, as well as her “Game on!” declaration will surely reignite speculation about presidential plans. And understandably so.


If she ran, her high-wattage appearance in Madison shows just how dangerous her candidacy would be to a field of solid but stolid opponents.


So MSM, keep obsessing over the shiny new Trump toy if you must. But better keep an eye on a certain sharpshooting, grizzly mama. She’s back.

Spoken like a man aching for a pegging.

(Oh… look it up)