Big Pharma has learned well from the oil companies:

Escalating shortages of vital drugs could be affecting nearly every hospital in the nation, forcing delays or substitutions in patient care, diverting pharmacy staff from crucial duties and racking up $216 million in costs to manage the situation nationwide. That’s the take-away message of two new surveys about the impact of rising drug shortages on clinical staff and patients, conducted by the American Hospital Association and the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists. The groups planned to hold a Capitol Hill briefing Tuesday about the consequences of the worst-ever shortage of medically necessary and life-saving drugs in the nation’s history. A coalition of cancer care organizations, concerned about a shortage of oncology drugs, plan a similar briefing on Wednesday. The groups worry that ongoing shortages of drugs, often with no warning, have been skyrocketing in recent years. Federal Food and Drug Administration officials say the shortages are caused by manufacturing problems, firms that simply stop making drugs, and production delays.

One assumes that the impending shortages of Viagra & Cialis will be the tipping point that will force Congressional investigations lest middle-aged white men begin rioting in the streets. Also, this will be blamed on “Obamacare”.