In an effort to explain why the jury in the Kenny Gladney trial took less than the time it takes to watch an episode Law & Order: Special Victims Unit to return with a verdict of GTFO,  Andrew Breitbart’s crack team of trained bonobos have been working day and night and even through their naptimes to explain what malignant force in the universe has the power to not only corrupt our system of justice but also to defy the laws of time and space and physics and no rights turns on a red.

Who could these space monsters be?

Media Matters for America.

Yes, when SEIU doesn’t get what they want by unleashing their purple-clad beserkers on unsuspecting Real Americans, SEIU turns to David Brock’s Media X-Men to do the behind the scenes “black ops” work. No, really:

It’s no surprise that the tax-exempt Media Matters regularly features publishes proven-false propaganda pieces as “news,” and it’s no surprise that the site, led by Eric Boehlert, came out hard to spin and defend on behalf of SEIU. What Media Matters and Eric Boehlert have not disclosed is that they were paid by SEIU for unknown services and it begs the question of whether or not they were paid to help cover up SEIU’s mess in the Gladney incident.

From Liberty Chick’s post on the suppressed story from May of last year:

This is good, so put down your Mr. Pibb and pay attention:

….I’ve written previously about the birth of Media Matters as a spawn of Rob Stein’s Conservative Message Machine Money Matrix road show, from which the Democracy Alliance was born. It’s through this organization from which much of the organization’s funding had come; in recent years, more has been spread out across other progressive organizations, but the funders often remain the same names in most cases. For instance, The Tides Foundation gave Media Matters and their Action Network over $175,000 just last year. In earlier years, groups like Montclair, New Jersey-based (hometown of Media Matters’ Eric Boehlert) Schumann Center for Media & Democracy gave the organization $500,000.

The donors’ list is vast and diverse, and we plan to cover that in detail in the future. So I’ll focus in on one set of donors to Media Matters, which is the Labor Unions. More specifically, in light of some recent posts regarding the Kenneth Gladney incident, I thought it appropriate to revisit donations made to Media Matters specifically by the Service Employees International Union.


When you look at the timeline of events and the media calendar in general leading up to the Gladney incident last August, it’s difficult not to conclude that there was collaboration amongst White House staff, components of Big Labor, and certain liberal media outlets. However, we know that all will continue to deny it.

Further, just as the flurry of media activity finally starts to wind down a bit around October last year, this is when SEIU makes three separate donations to Media Matters totaling $50,000, under the classification of “Communications”, according to the SEIU LM-2 report. (In reviewing other LM-2s for several previous years, this appears at least to be the first time that SEIU has donated to Media Matters, and there does not seem to have been another donation recorded since these.)

This is the type of funding that I would question in return to Media Matters. With their membership being so low and their unfunded pension expenses so high, can the SEIU really afford to be randomly donating funds to an organization like Media Matters? Perhaps SEIU purchased advertising on Media Matters’ website, but then I’d think it would be categorized as such, as others ad expenses in the LM-2 were. If not advertising, if not random donations, then what’s the reason for SEIU having donated these funds? One could logically conclude that Media Matters performed a service in return. Only they can answer that.

Yes, the White House, Big Labor, “liberal media outlets” (as well as possibly the Yakuza, the Stonecutters, PETA, the Rosicrucians, the Imperial War Council of Reptar Prime, and a Government Agency So Secret It Doesn’t Even Have A Name And They Will Kill You A Lot If You Try To Name Them) got together and coordinated a massive push-back against misdemeanor charges of assault and interfering with a police officer as part of their grander plan to institute Affordable Health Care and Sharia Law for all.

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