Frank Gaffney, who is Pam Geller without the boob job and paint-peeling voice, thinks the Norway terrorist Tea Partier might very well have been some kind of Double Super Secret Muslim Brotherhood plant (the Muqdadiyah Candidate? why not?) inserted to make people like Frank Gaffney look stupid.

Okay, more stupid than usual:

THINKPROGRESS: Obviously we saw some horrific acts in Norway. I read in news reports that you yourself and the CSP had been mentioned seven separate times. Is that concerning that some people are using your rhetoric for violent ends?

GAFFNEY: I think there’s a lot yet to be determined about who this individual was and what exactly his agenda was. What’s very peculiar to me is the nature of this so-called manifesto, which seems about as unrelated to anything having to do with Norway or Norwegian nationalism as you can imagine. It’s basically entirely made up of, it’s a pastiche, a very eclectic pastiche at that, of American writers and some non-American writers but of a similar mind. It cries out for a thorough investigation as to whether it was in fact an authentic piece of his own creation, whether it’s a false flag operation, whether it actually was meant to do anything other than to contribute to Sharia’s efforts to suppress criticism and awareness of its agenda. Until we know the answers to some of those questions, I’m not going to go too far down the road of saying what its consequences might be.

As Think Progress notes, Gaffney has previously pointed out that the Muslim Brotherhood also Muslim Mind-controls controls Barack Obama, Herman Cain, CPAC, David Petraeus, Elena Kagan, and the guys who designed the Pentagon’s Missle defense logo among others. To which we add, the Muslim Brotherhood is also responsible for Super Bowl XL being handed to the Steelers, killing Jon Benet Ramsey, and canceling Firefly. Also, that pint of Chunky Monkey you hid in the back of the freezer?

The Muslims ate it and Frank Gaffney has an eyewitness report from Abraham Lincoln to prove it….