If you are a lobbying firm that sent out a proposal describing how you will do “opposition research” designed to create “negative narratives” about the occupy movement for a cool $850,000 and then your memo ends up on the front page of MSNBC.com as well as on the teevee and this all happens on the same day that the other big national story is a bunch of occupy students being hosed down with pepper spray by Chubby McCampuscop …. well, you kind of suck at your job.

What was pathetic about the whole sales pitch was that there is no reason for the ABA to pay for a lame attempt at trashing the occupy movement when major media organizations are doing it for free and others, like Andrew Breitbart’s stable of otherwise unemployable idiots, are already being paid to do it, because this surely was not a genius grant.

(Photo: Bryan Nguyen)