Well over two years ago the Obama’s threw a Halloween party at the White House for children of military members  and their families, that coincided with the release of Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland movie. Burton, Johnny Depp and other cast members attended, with Burton supplying props and decorations from the film. This was, of course, a very lovely, and I’m sure thrilling, thing to do for the military kids on Halloween. Unfortunately, the White House failed to capitalize on their, and the Alice people’s, graciousness in hosting the party by promoting it far and wide and now…


Here, I’ll let one of Tucker Carlson’s Lil’ Tuckerette’s ‘splain it all to you:

The Obamas’ secret and incongruously extravagant White House Halloween party is being pushed further down the rabbit hole.

The sumptuous “Alice in Wonderland”-themed Halloween party, featuring actor Johnny Depp and decorations by filmmaker Tim Burton, was covertly held in late 2009, but White House officials are still trying to keep it hidden because it clashes with efforts to portray the administration as a modestly run establishment amid a bitter, government-created recession.

“This wasn’t a publicity event for the outside. This was for military children and their families,” White House spokesman Jay Carney said Monday.

“We do a lot of these things” for military families, he said, adding that the administration’s decision to not highlight the party “is different from trying to hide anything.”

The White House published no pictures of the event, and neither Depp nor Burton were recorded on the official White House visitor’s log.

Ha! “Most transparent administration ever” my ass. Why exactly have they been hiding important information about this Hollyweird pedophile drug orgy in The People’s House?

The administration’s secrecy matches the book’s description of White House infighting, with senior aides struggling to reduce, downplay and conceal extravagant events that could damage the president’s populist standing, such as the hiring of a new florist, or shopping trips by the first lady.

“White House officials were so nervous about how a splashy, Hollywood-esque party would look to jobless Americans — or their representatives in Congress, who would soon vote on health care — that the event was not discussed publicly and Burton’s and Depp’s contributions went unacknowledged,” according to Kantor’s book.

Democratic aides have sought to downplay the White House’s luxuries because they had already seen how apparently isolated events could shape a politician’s image and create a reliable laugh-line for late night comics.

And, even though the Burton people did the work, the White house may very well have been extravagant WITH OUR TAX DOLLARS as one of the geniuses who reads the Daily Caller points out in the comments:

Mary Johnson:

The purpose of keeping Visitor Logs is to know who has the President’s ear–who may be exerting influence or requesting favors, and who may just be providing assistance or information. When the WH deliberately omits Visitor Log information it makes We The People wonder “Why?” Also, if paid for by private money, I don’t really care. But it looks like it was taxpayer money since the White House Chefs were making cookies. Freedom of Information request, anybody?


Because giving free cookies to the children of federal employees is a waste of American tax dollars and also probably socialism or communism or something.

Fucking little moochers….