Megan McArdle who is ”a senior editor for The Atlantic who writes about business and economics”  is using her very influential pulpit at The Atlantic to share pictures of her new kitchen which had to be constructed to house her $15oo slicer/dicer/high powered Bechamel pump and also to make up for the trauma visited upon the McSudermans at their previous home where the … wine fridge was located in the kitchen! I know! I too was once sad that I lived in a refrigerator box in an alley and ate food out of a dumpster until I met a woman whose wine refrigerator was inconveniently located in the kitchen.

Anyway, McMegan is using the post as an example of how to stretch the money (finance!) to create a suitable environment in which to display all your awesome kitchen paraphernalia for your readers to admire even though you seem to have the culinary skills of a ten year-old Girl Scout attempting to acquire her baking badge.

I look forward to a follow-up post where McMegan admits that she overpaid the handyman by $7000 because her calculator had irritable bowel syndrome that day…


I just want to add that what cracks me up about McMegan’s kitchen/foodie posts is that all available evidence seems to indicate that her manchild McSuederman, when not penning articles defending big business, spends his time squatting in his video game rocker chair playing Xbox 360 while McMegan is clattering about in her kitchen nirvana whipping up a mango gastrique to go with his Tater-Tots.