With cutbacks in the offing at the Washington Post, it is good to see that they are holding fast to some of their brighter lights who provide important insights such as this on President Muslim forcing Sharia birth control laws down the throats of Catholic Bishops:

I hope the president hangs tough and doesn’t blink. I hope he stands with the interventionist, activist element within the Democratic Party. I’m not referring to Iran or Syria. I hope President Obama doesn’t back down on his decree to force Catholic institutions to disavow sacred tenets of their faith in order for him to dictate a certain lifestyle and force his choices on the rest of us.

For the record, he doesn’t like the colored guy and he thinks this is an unforced error, and then  comes the appeal to authority:

Peggy Noonan is America’s muse. She is sui generis. She is the Peggy Noonan of modern American commentary. Read her Saturday Wall Street Journal column to gain an appreciation of the emotional mark that will linger in the thoughtful minds and consciences of millions of voters. In a close race, this could make the difference.

Oh my. Looks like someone will be getting laid at CPAC this weekend and he won’t even have to wear the Reagan mask….