Former governor of America’s Wang, Jeb Bush is not going to be answering his phone or door when the Republicans come crawling to him asking to be saved from the Santorum-covered Romneymonster this summer:

For many conservatives, former Florida governor Jeb Bush is a potential white knight, the primary’s late-entry savior. But according to multiple sources, Bush is committed to his private-sector work and will not, under any circumstances, enter the presidential sweepstakes. Privately, he is urging his staff to ignore the buzz and to fill his schedule, as usual, with meetings and conferences. In the summer, for example, as the GOP preps for its convention, sources confirm that Bush will be thousands of miles away, taking a weeks-long business trip through Asia. During the height of the presumed political frenzy in advance of a contested convention, he will be out of pocket and out of the country.

It should be noted that when a Bush goes to Asia on a “business-related” trip, by “business” they mean meeting with Asian Bushes.

It’s a genealogical thing. Or gynecological. I always get those two mixed up…