J-Pod blames Nicolle Wallace for throwing one-heartbeat-away-from-the-Presidency Sarah Palin to the ravening claws of Katie Couric:

Nicolle Wallace was the onetime consultant to CBS News and media aide to George W. Bush who was assigned to work with Sarah Palin after the Alaska governor was chosen as John McCain’s running mate. It was Wallace who assured the McCain campaign that her dear friend Katie Couric, a committed liberal with a history of interviewing Republicans and conservatives in a quietly nasty way, was the right journalist to conduct a major early interview with the extremely conservative vice-presidential nominee.

Palin has only herself to blame for how horribly she came off, but as she was the most hotly sought-after interview in the world at the time, the McCain campaign could have picked and chosen and been cleverly calculating about which journalist would win the prize. Wallace was responsible for one of the great blunders in political advance work of modern media history.

Podhoretz’s point, and he does seem to think that he has one, is that Wallace and Steve Schmidt (who admittedly helped select Palin because the McCain campaign needed a Hail Mary pass) have been disloyal to the Palin, which might be true if there was a midnight ritual involving a blood oath and a vow of eternal silence even under torture. But unlike people who can’t admit their mistakes (like, ahem, invading Iraq would be super cool beans) at least Wallace and Schmidt are willing to admit that, when handed shit, the best they could do was make shit-ade.

And seriously, Katie Fucking Couric; “quietly nasty”? When Palin was interviewed by Sean Hannity she still came off as the bigger idiot and I’m not convinced Hannity is bright enough to open a child-proof cap on a bottle of aspirin.

Game Change, tonight. Fun for the whole family…