Hey kids!

Have you ever thought about getting into show business! Making movies in Hollywood, living the glamorous life of a Hollywood player. Magazine covers, movie premieres, award shows, red carpets, banging starlets, adopting foreign children, drug addiction, rehab, reality show ignominy, relapse, overdose, end credits!

Well if you’re willing to forgo the gloss and the fame and go straight to the drug addiction, rehab and eventual overdose following bitter year of raging that no one understood your genius …. those fuckers, have I got a job for you! The producers of Atlas Shrugged II: More Fucking Trains Going Into More Fucking Tunnels (remember the first one!) are hiring and, since they can’t afford real proven talent or experience , this may be YOUR BIG BREAK!:

“The ladder of success is best climbed by stepping on the rungs of opportunity.”
- Ayn Rand

We’re hiring. The Atlas Shrugged Part II Marketing team has two immediate openings to fill.

Full-time paid internship working with the marketing team in Beverly Hills, CA. Show us your creative writing skills by writing a brief 3 paragraph essay answering the question “Who is Ayn Rand?” Email your essay and contact info to: [email protected].

That’s right; if you can write a slim three paragraph essay about Ayn Rand without using the words “fraud”, “hack”, “creepy”,  “crackpot”,  or “chain-smoking while receiving cunnilingus from Alan Greenspan”, then you may be on your way to a low-paid internship on a film that you can proudly display on your resume at a later date when applying for a fry cook job at Tommy’s Burgers. Also, you can be on IMDb! (for a small fee of course). Best of all you’ll have the chance to become a highly productive member of society and not one of those horrible leeches who add nothing to the world but live only to feed off of the value created by the true innovators and artists.

You know…. agents.

Act now! Don’t let the slow train to Nowheresville Galts Gulch pull out of the station without you….