Recently Breitbart World Enterprises brought on-board grifting dumblady Sarah Palin who, unlike most of the “writers” at Big Whatever, actually has a journalism degree even if it is patched together with credits from five or six various colleges and cosmetology schools. Her initial Breibart offering, written by the same person who writes Sarah’s  Facebook posts  while Sarah sits nearby distractedly flipping through a copy of US Weekly and eating Cool Ranch Doritos, is about the coming onslaught of posters reminding America that Andrew Breitbart will always be with us just like Tom Joad – if Tom Joad  had been a sweaty reeling boozehound screaming insults at random people on the street before collapsing in a pool of his own sick.


Says the Grifter, once removed:

There is a new street art poster that’s being emailed around and will no doubt eventually be spotted on a street corner near you. It’s a gritty black and white image of Andrew Breitbart looking both battle-worn and ever vigilant with the caption: “BREITBART IS HERE.”


With the death of Breitbart, the conservative movement didn’t just lose a General – we lost an entire Special Forces Division. But he didn’t leave us without the tools and the knowledge we need to fight. This website – Breitbart 2.0 – is the culmination of his study of the technology and aesthetics of new media. The team Breitbart assembled under the leadership of Steve Bannon, Larry Solov, and Joel Pollak will advance his mission with courage and integrity.

Wolverines! bitch. get some.

Oh, and here is that soon-to-be-ubiquitous poster that will save America from socialism and Sharia law and  public displays of negro-on-negro hugging:

And freedom is on the march, as America’s Stupidest Blogger, Jim Hoft, proves (below) because you cannot stop Andrew Brietbart, you can only hope to contain him:

Light a candle for Andrew Breitbart, America.

Or maybe, in this case, light a match….

(Added) Perfesser Outhouse condones the appropriateness of posting Andrew Breitbart’s face on the door of  a portable crapatorium. Truth in advertising or something, I imagine…