Photo credit: Matt Neggrin

Protestors were out in force this morning in front of the Supreme Court asking the court to overturn the Affordable Care Act because, if the founders had wanted poor children to receive treatment for childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia, they would have mentioned it in the Federalist Papers, BUT THEY DIDN’T NOW, DID THEY MARXISTS! LOL! PWNED!

To get their point across to people for whom delightfully misspelled slogans on posters might as well be a transcript from a conference on string theory, some came bearing pictures of Andrew Breitbart because who better represents the fact that American’s don’t need better access to preventative healthcare than a rage-filled idiot who died of a heart attack on a Brentwood sidewalk at age 43 leaving behind a wife and four children who will receive Social Security survivors benefits for the next fourteen years or so because of Kenyan Socialism. You’re welcome, kids! Maybe one of you can grow up to be Paul Ryan!

Before John Solhan left for the anti-ObamaCare protest at the Supreme Court, he printed out a bunch of posters bearing Andrew Breitbart’s face.

Breitbart, the conservative Internet publisher who challenged the mainstream media, died March 1. The black-and-white image of his face was recognizable to virtually every Tea Party demonstrator standing just past the steps that ascend to the high court, where justices were hearing the first hours of argument over President Obama’s health care law.

The tea partiers organized an impromptu protest in mid-morning as ObamaCare allies had a press conference of their own just a few paces away. If Breitbart were alive, Solhan said, he would have commandeered the liberals’ presser just as he did at an embarrassing news conference organized by Rep. Anthony Weiner last year.

But nobody commandeered the lieberals presser meaning that #IAmAndrewBreitbart! is certainly no “Woverines!”or “WAR. Bitches. get some!” But then, what is?

Linda Dorr, a Tea Party compatriot, picked up the charge, telling the crowd outside the Supreme Court that she was acting on Breitbart’s mantra to stand up and “tell the truth.” As she spoke, conservatives waved signs from the right-leaning Media Research Center that said “Don’t Believe the Liberal Media.”

“We got Breitbart,” Dorr, from Laguna Beach, Calif., screamed to the masses. “He’s everywhere. He’s all around us.”

“Breitbart lives! Breitbart lives!” she exclaimed. “In our voice.”

Asked after the brief demonstration why Breitbart is so appealing, Dorr, who was wearing rosy sunglasses and a bandana, explained: “He was so cool. Usually, conservatives are not cool.”

This would probably be a good time to mention that ACA also contains provisions for increased mental health care because, you know … [nods head in direction of Linda Dorr, winks, gives sad but knowing smile].

Bless her heart.