Seeing how well picking on Sandra Fluke has paid off for Rush Limbaugh, Bill Kristol’s dumb son-in-law’s make-work-job, The Free Bacon brings you this very important update (screenshot to the right)  to remind you that Fluke is actually just some dumb slut who doesn’t know anything about the world, probably because she’s too busy being a lesbian which is very time consuming. In this case Fluke was asked about a story regarding a Catholic school teacher who was fired for receiving fertility treatments (because Jesus didn’t mention them in the Bible or something) and because Sandra Fluke was unaware of this story, she didn’t want to get too deeply into it because she didn’t know the details.

Stupid dumb girl!

Here is what happened:

THOMAS ROBERTS: There is this case I want to get you on the record on talking about of an Indiana Catholic school teacher fired after receiving fertility treatments—IVF. Her fertility treatments are against what the Catholic Church would teach or does teach. This country was founded on freedom of religion, but we also are a country that has freedom from religion. What do you think, as you know all too well, being at a Georgetown law school, which is a Catholic university and going up against the Catholic institution the way that you did, what do you think about the way that Catholic women are dealt with in this country currently with the church?

SANDRA FLUKE: Well, I’ll sorry I’m not familiar with the particular case so I don’t want to comment on that. I would just say generally I think women need to have access to comprehensive quality health care, regardless where they work or go to school.

If only Sandra Fluke had “spent more time studying” and knowing what is happening with every Catholic vagina in the United States she would be able to address this late breaking story instead of making a perfectly sensible statement of principle that employers should stay out of their employees vaginas. But, no, she is too busy being slutty and lesbian-marrying her boyfriend and so she is dumb.

And a lesbian.

A slutty slutty lesbian.