The Weather Is Here, I Wish I Were Dutiful

Sorry. Taking a unplanned breather.

The L&T Casey is in Hawaii and, with her gone,  mrs TBogg needs amusing (wink wink nudge nudge – say no more). I’m not sure what will happen when Casey leaves for grad school in NYC in August but I’m sure we’ll work out some kind of new routine.

Beyond that, the weather is beautiful and I find myself spending more time staring longingly out the window, making me feel like a kid still in school and summer is already here but summer vacation is not. The good news is that I’ve been getting a lot of reading done that doesn’t involve stupid internet people making absurd and unsupportable assertions that, not only prove that God is on their side, but also that victory is at hand if you just squint your eyes and pretend that reality will see it their way just this once. Finally. Anyway, there were a couple of books that people had sent to me for Kindle and, since since I don’t have one and the L&T isn’t using hers, I’ve been taking it out for a spin. I never thought I’d prefer a Kindle to a good old fashioned book … but, Tebow help me,  I do.


In the meantime, please patronize the  other fine bloggers listed below and kind of to your right, because I’m fairly certain that someone is saying something dumb on the internet.

I’ll be back soon … which is more than Andrew Breitbart can say.

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