Arizona’s birther-curious Secretary of State Ken Bennett has been getting jerked around like a Daily Caller “reporter” by the strangely un-American named Jill T. Nagamine, who is Hawaii’s Deputy Secretary of State, in his quest to discover if President Barack Obama was really born in America or if he is actually the muslim pharaoh baby killer from Kenya that most people who still haven’t gotten over the idea of a black man in the White House, much less can’t be lynched for ‘eyeballin’ ” white women, think he is. Opinions differ!:

It appears that the State of Hawaii’s first response to Bennett’s request of President Obama’s birth certificate was to quickly dash out a letter on March 17 with a series of hyperlinks, including one to the Hawaii Department of Health’s website and three links to Hawaii’s Revised Statutes concerning the confidentiality of vital records.

The state of Hawaii has gone to great lengths to handle the years of backlogged requests by so-called “birthers” looking for the president’s birth certificate. In spite of the White House’s decision last year to release the president’s long-form birth certificate, the Hawaii Department of Health is still receiving an average of 50 new requests each month.

Bennett’s office replied on March 30 that if they could not have a certified copy of the actual birth certificate sent to them, then they would need the Department of Health to verify the details of Obama’s birth and parentage and fill out an enclosed form. The email also requested that department officials verify that the copy of the birth certificate released by the White House matches the document on file in Hawaii.

But Nagamine said she was too busy not being stupid and just kind of figured they would go back to doing what Arizonan’s do best: scream at Taco Bells when the weather gets cool enough to go outside and then go home and wait to die. But, no. Bennett got one his minions to spend his days harassing Nagamine until she finally asked them to prove that they were who they say they were;

At this point, Nagamine turned the tables on Bennett’s office, demanding verification that they were qualified to seek verification of the president’s birth. “My client, the Department of Health, has forwarded your request for verification of President Obama’s birth record to me,” she wrote, “We need more information to substantiate that you are eligible to receive verification.”

Bennett huffily replied, “As the chief elections officer for the State of Arizona and pursuant to Arizona Revised Statutes, sections 16-212, 16-301, 16-502, 16-507 and others, my office is tasked with quadrennially compiling a list of candidates for the Office of the President of the United States.” He asserted that his office is the one that is being overtaxed by requests for proof of the president’s citizenship, and that Nagamine’s refusal to follow his instructions, “will dramatically exacerbate an already untenable situation.”

Which is much better than:

You dont get to make the rules. I am the george tierney Arizona important guy that made the comments request  sandra fluke, not to you..take it off google. If it goes to a lawyer, it will be settled in court, with me getting paid.

But Nagamine still said “no”, which is Hawaiian for “no”, so criminally inane Sheriff Joe Arpaio sent two of his best men (beaner beaters) to Hawaii because Hawaii has a broken tailight or something and needs to be arrested:

This morning, Arizona’s embattled Sheriff Joe Arpaio confirmed that he sent a deputy from his “threats unit” to Hawaii, along with a volunteer tasked with investigating the matter. They arrived in Hawaii on Monday and flashed badges at Hawaii Department of Health personnel, announcing that they had been sent by the State of Arizona.

When quizzed by reporters as to what specific threats necessitate such measures, Arpaio cited “security issues…that I can’t got into.”

Had he known, Sheriff Arpaio could have probably hired Dog the Bounty Hunter for cheap because he  needs the work , he’s already there, and, besides, he is totally awesome and could track that birth certificate down where lesser men can’t…