They Call Me Quiet. But I’m A Riot.

Looks like my secret is out: – Are you actually planning legal action or have you decided yet?
George Tierney – Oh I’m going to have legal action, yeah. I’m planning legal action against tbogg, whoever tbogg is, and I think it’s a female. Let me go back here I’ll tell you exactly who tbogg is … Female name that came back was Jennifer something, yeah she’s going to get legal action against her because she’s the one that started all this crap against me. – Has this hurt your business so far, do you expect that it will?
George Tierney – No. It’s people I deal with on a daily basis, you know. I haven’t done anything. I’ve gotten over 235 followers on Twitter since all this. – It is your first amendment. You are free to say whatever crazy things you want to say.
George Tierney – And they’re not crazy. They’re the truth.

Quite frankly, after almost ten (10!) years of blogging, I feel this great sense of relief that I can finally come out and admit that, yes, my name is Jennifer and I am totally lesbian for my wife. And Shakira’s ass.

There. I said it.

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