I have been watching, with no small amount of fascination, the ongoing saga of conservative bloggers vs. Brett Kimberlin in all of its dumb and ragged glory.

For those who haven’t been following it (and why should you?) a group of B & C-list bloggers (a “bother of bloggers“) got together to wage bloggy jihad on Kimberlin and, in the process, have elevated him in the spookhouse of their minds into Professor Moriarty/Emmanuel Goldstein/ the ‘beast’ in Lord of the Flies/Lord Voldemort/the 12th Cylon or maybe just the dirty socialist who lives under their beds and is going to shove universal healthcare down their throats while they sleep. In short, he is an evil genius who  lives in an underwater lair and torments his victims with … restraining orders.

The real point, and there is one, of this ordeal is the linking together an assortment of disparate events and blaming them on Kimberlin based upon flimsy conjecture and then, by employing  strenuous 6-degrees-of-Kevin-Bacon-like association, extending that blame for everything bad that happens (the garbage disposal quit working?… curse you, Brett Kimberlin! empty milk carton in the fridge?… KIMBERLIN!) on the left.

The latest development resulted in attorney Aaron Walker  (who is the Aaron Worthing of this post and this post) being briefly detained following a hearing over a  restraining order because…well, nobody seems to know exactly why; but we do know that Walker seems blithely unaware of the adage that a lawyer who represents himself has a fool for a client.

Of course, the uncertainty of why Walker was detained has not stopped some from making Bold Pronouncements and Statements Of Principles And Freedom And Liberty Harrumph Harrumph delivered in the serious and deep stentorian voice they reserve for use before the Supreme Court in their heads or when upbraiding obstreperous fast food employees when they failed to place the extra ketchup packets they requested  in their bag.

Here’s Godlstein (no link) showing off that unused college education and implying that “The Left” is “celebrating” a ruling at the very lowest levels of the legal system that they are most likely unaware of and could probably care less about:

That the left would celebrate such an ill-informed and frightening ruling is further proof that “progressivism” — for all its talk of fairness and protection for the little guy — is about nothing more than power and control.  And any way they can seize it is fine with them, the ends justifying the means and all.

– Which is why it isn’t at all unhelpful or “fundamentally unserious” to point out how and why progressives adopt a particular view of language and a particularly convenient anti-foundationalist epistemological stance:  it is through the institutionalizing of the collectivist assumptions inherent in the left’s philosophical outlook (which is inherently egalitarian, and so inherently anti-liberty and, in the strictest sense therefore anti-American) that they’ve been able to lay the foundation for the normalizing of a postmodernist worldview, one in which Enlightenment principles are overthrown and replaced by a cheap relativism in order to reach an end stage where a mandate to rule is the product of coalition politics, a Balkanized society, and manufactured consent aided greatly by a compliant propaganda arm in the media.

Obviously this is just more repression of freedom of speech that Godlestein has been warning of for years, so, slippery slope, y’all, we’re there.

Also, too, lesser Breitard, Lee Stranahan:

Damn right there’s no way it will stand.

We’re now in a post Everybody Blog About Brett Kimberlin Day world and now there are a lot of people watching and they have Aaron Walker’s back on this. Even though the Obama administration and the mainstream media aren’t exactly jumping in with both feat(sic) on this, it will not stand. Justice will be done — for Aaron and for the First Amendment that Brett Kimberlin finds so inconvenient.

I’m sure President Barack Obama would be addressing this important legal ruling at this very moment, but right now he’s busy apologizing for nuking Poland or something