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This is a real thing:

For reals:

Breitbart “Fight” Print (36×48″ Limited Edition Canvas)

Product Description

36″ x 48″ giclee on canvas, stretched and glazed (ONLY 43 numbered and artist autographed editions will be made available; when they’re gone, they’re gone!)

ARTIST: David Bugnon

When it came to the cause of truth, Andrew Breitbart was one in a million: a provocateur par excellence. America witnessed his combatant spirit up close and personal when he and Hannah Giles blew the cover off of ACORN.

Andrew would happily fight people, organizations and governments with tooth, fang and claw if he sensed any anti-American BS. David Bugnon’s piece captures Breitbart’s essence as a contrarian: confident and geared-up.

Make room on your wall for a limited edition reproduction of Bugnon’s painting. We should all emulate the moxie Andrew perfected for that which is just and true. Hang your print by the front door so as you depart your house and dive into the cultural trenches you will be ever mindful, thanks to Andrew’s example, that there are things worth scrapping for—and America’s founding documents are definitely one of them.

…and now, the punchline:


Somewhere a copy of Dogs Playing Poker is being put into storage to make room for the newest acquisition.

To be fair, you can also get a 12″ x 16″ paper print for a mere $29.95, but “ONLY 1000 will be made available!” presumably because any more than that would require another trip to Kinkos.

Also. Velvet, or get the fuck out.

(Added): Best comment from MoeLarryAndJesus:

For four thousand dollars I can have his corpse dug up. But I sure don’t want it in my living room.