It’s closing time. One last call for alcohol,  so finish your whiskey or beer.

Remember that tonight (midnight …3AM for you East Coast elitists) is the drop deadline for your Photoshop Andrew Breitbart artsye-fartsye thinge.

There is still time… for you, at least. Not so much, Andrew.

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And remember:

Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.


Also, too.


The Barties have been announced!

The first annual Breibart Awards dinner, which will take place in Providence, Rhode Island, is part of the two organizations’ “Future of Journalism Summit,” which brings conservative news outlets and bloggers together for meetings, panels, and training sessions.

The Washington Examiner’s Phillip Klein will take home the Professional Journalist award; ‘Ace of Spades HQ’ will receive the award for best blog; and Andrew Marcus will receive the Citizen Journalist award.

Klein works for fake newspaper The Washington Examiner which is not to be confused with the even fakier Washington Times. Ace won because he got the other bloggers to stop blogging, so score!; nice fake out, dude! We don’t know who Andrew Marcus is so he must have been super effective  being all citizen journalisty and shit. Winners will get their names engraved written on a commemorative discount coupon good for a free appetizer at T.G.I. Fridays. Try the potato skins.

Congratulations all you guys! Awkward leaping white guy chest bumps all around.