Image: Jason Han: I Haz Mouth 2009

As you might be aware, having seen the free-standing displays of cards and party supplies at your local Hallmark store or the massive cheap-beer pyramids constructed out of beer suitcases as you entered your local food emporium, today (Friday) is National Wingnut Shut The Fuck Up Day. A holiday tradition like no other, NW-STFU Day is intended as a show of solidarity amongst all rightwing bloggers, small and smaller, signifying strength and resolve against the depredations of rightwing boogieman Brett Kimberlin who, at this very moment, is calling you on the phone … and he’s in your house! [cue skree skree skree sound effect].

Nah. I’m just fucking with you.

Or am I…?

To recap the Reign of Terror That Is (Maybe) Brett Kimberlin.  Maybe-Brett Kimberlin maybe-SWATed Patterico and Erick von ErickErickErickson Of Erickson’s houses, maybe posted National Bloggers Club president Ali Akbar’s mugshots online (according to this guy who knows whereof he speaks because he plays a banjo. Also, did you know there was a National Bloggers Club? I bet it’s awesome) Kimberlin actually did get into a tussle at a Maryland courthouse with Aaron Walker when Walker attempted to use his iPad to STEAL BRETT KIMBERLIN’S SOUL.

Yes, there is an app for that.

This multi-state crime spree prompted Ace O’ Spades, recent winner of the Zombie Breitbart Blogger of The Year Award (or, as we call them: the Barties or Speedbumpies depending upon how whimsical we are feeling at the time) to call for a moratorium on blogging for one day meaning no Obama-ate-dog jokes, no theories on how Andrew Breitbart was killed with ACORN space weapons, and a one day 40% decrease in the usage of the words ‘Kenyan’, ‘socialist’, ‘Communist’, ‘lieberals’, ‘O-hole-bummer’, and ‘anti-foundationalist epistemological stance’ (Godlstein only) as well as an accompanying 70% decrease in misspelled all-cap rants on the internet. In the case of award-winning Ace ‘O Spades we shall be deprived for a fortnight of hard-hitting commonsense conservative commentary like this (courtesy of LGF):

Hurry back, blogger cons.

America needs you.