While most of America had a fairly normal early June weekend (going to graduations, seeing movies, barbequing, having gay sex) wingnut America was hiding out in their couch forts wearing tinfoil hats and waiting for Brett Kimberlin to break into their house and steal their collectors edition copies of Braveheart.

Roy has a nice recap of how the weekend went went down for conservative bloggers with Ace O’ Spades 1) not showing up to receive his Sidewalk Speedbump Tony Award because he was a’feared for his safety or something 2) shutting down his comments because he was a’feared for his safety or something, and 3) having some kind of  weird combination Rodney King ”can’t we all get along” / Andrew Breitbart “stop raping people!” weeping meltdown. Oh, he also threatened to shut down his blog for some unexplained reasons. All of this could have been avoided if those bastards at Jamba Juice hadn’t discontinued the Mango-Klonopin Blast.

Meanwhile, on a dare, Jim Hoft touched a negro, Dana Loesh set a new personal record for making a  fool out of herself while visiting Netroots Nation (bonus points to Sherrod Brown for showing her the hand), and Dana’s husband who was recently freed from the #twittergulag (which is  Guantanamo for twats) was subjected to a vigorous groping by the TSA because he was supposedly packing heat which was, admittedly, highly unlikely based upon the fact that, by wearing clothing approximately three sizes too small, you could see every one of his nooks and crannies.

I know … ick.

Anyway, he is now tied with Ace for the Most Persecuted White Man In America.