Like most typical American housewives, Ann Romney has a hobby that helps her to fill the lonely hours while, like Sheena Easton, she waits for that evening train to bring her baby back again to find her waiting for him. And while your hobby may be collecting Beanie Babies or scrap-booking or seeing how many of those little chocolate donuts you can shove in your mouth at one time, Ann likes to collect dancing horses and the slaves who ride them.

And now there is exciting news for Ann Romney (and America!) because one of those horses that Ann Romney rich-owns is going to get to go to the Olympics AS AN ATHLETE:

Ann Romney’s horse, Rafalca, and Jan Ebeling, her rider, have done well enough in the Olympic trials to “almost certainly” compete in London this summer, according to Hartford Courant:

Last week in Gladstone, N.J., Ann Romney’s mare, Rafalca, and Jan Ebeling, the Moorpark, Calif.-based rider she sponsors, did well enough at the first of two Olympic trials, spread over two weekends, that they almost certainly will be headed to the Summer Olympics in London as part of the U.S. equestrian team.

You will also be pleased to know that you, yes you!, as an American taxpayer had a hand in this triumph for Ann Romney’s lavish lifestyle choice, because your tax dollars helped to make up the difference in tax dollars that Ann & Mitt Romney didn’t have to pay in order to represent America in London:

Mr. Ebeling denied in his deposition in the lawsuit that Mrs. Romney was his financial sponsor. “Not really,” he said.

But Mrs. Romney was clear on the matter: she supports him in his competitive career. “It gives Jan an opportunity for him to present my horses at upper-level dressage,” she said.

On the Romneys’ 2010 tax returns, they reported a loss of $77,000 for their share of the partnership that owns Mr. Ebeling’s top mount, Rafalca. Mrs. Romney owns the horse with Ms. Ebeling and a Romney friend, Beth Meyers. Sponsorship arrangements are not unusual in dressage, where riders who want to climb to the top look to wealthy backers.

And because we all have “skin in the game” when it comes to subsidizing Ann Romney’s expensive rich lady life-fulfilling substitute for having done nothing but be a brood mare for her robot husband, I think she should change the horse’s name from the vaguely foreign/homosexual-cabana-boy-sounding name of ‘Rafalca’ to America, Fuck Yeah! because that would be awesome and it would be cool to hear NBC announcers saying “When we come back … America, Fuck Yeah!” when they’re doing one of those up-close-and-personal time-fillers that they show when American athletes aren’t competing because, foreigners winning medals…. who gives a shit?

Not America. Fuck yeah…