Over at Michelle Malkin’s Twitter For Tweakers folks are screaming at their Commodore 64s and having 140 character meltdowns because The Google ruined America’s birthday by pissing in the punch, crapping on the birthday cake and butt-raping  Liberty The Freedom Clown in front of the horrified but mildly intrigued children. How did Google do this? By creating a Google Doodle using something right out of Chairman Mao’s Little Red Commie Book. Yes they did.

Here it comes,  better hide the kids.

WHAT THE FUCK, GOOGLE?This land was made for you and me“? Really? That is so communist.

Here, let the Twitchtards explain it to you:

Yes THANKFULLY Bing and Yahoo are celebrating the 4th in the way that the founders clearly intended when they created ARPANET (thank you Ben Franklin!) because even though  the American Experiment  has survived multiple wars, internal strife, assassinations, massive economic upheavals, and presidential blowjobs, it is a delicate and fragile thing that could easily shrivel up and blow away in a light breeze were it not for gratuitous chest-beating, flag-waving, “Proud To Be An American” singing, foreigner-killing, obesity-having, gun-toting, Bible-thumping supplications to blonde-haired blue-eyed American Jesus.

Seriously. All we are is dust in the wind, man…