The only thing slower than a July 4th week with the 4th plopped right in the middle is the Friday of that week. We’re not into the dog days of summer quite yet, but from a political/snark blogging perspective … we’re soaking in them.

Try as they might, the only hate hard-on that the wingnuts can work up is a flaccid floppy thing that is meeting with a general “meh” from the usual idiots. We’re too far from the election to be poll watching although, providing there is no major event or catastrophic gaffe in the interim, there probably won’t be much movement from where we are now. The economy is still spinning its wheels in the mud of a recession and Romney isn’t doing any better gaining traction with voters, primarily because he is an absolutely awful campaigner trapped in an infinite loop of family man photo-spreads and businessman resume flaunting which is becoming more and more a hindrance than helpful.

Bill Kristol is panicking and has gone so far as to trial-balloon Condoleezza Rice for Romney’s VP, presumably because Condi did such a bang-up job aligning  her greatest achievement as National Security Adviser (being blindsided by the 9/11 attacks) with Bloody Bill’s greatest achievement (priming the pump for an  unnecessary war with Iraq) and economies were ruined and shitloads of people die or, as Bill  might put it: “good times … good times”.

And he should eat a big bag of salted dicks.

…and that’s about it folks.

Here on the homefront we’re starting the countdown – five weeks and counting – before the L&T Casey heads off to start graduate school on the island Manhattan, which should be an interesting transition for someone who has spent her entire life living in the friendly beachfront communities of Pacific Beach (92109 represent, yo!) and Waikiki.  Since she is my only child I am holding each and every one of you in all five boroughs responsible for her safety; don’t make me come out there and  get all angry Dad on your asses. Also, I will be turning a robust slowly decaying 57 this weekend which means that I made it farther than the Adolph’s, Hitler & Eichmann (suck it, Nazis!), and on Monday I will have been married for 29 years to the willowy and enchanting mrs TBogg despite the fact that Teh Gheys have totally ruined the institution for us opposite marriage people.

That’s it. Turn off the internet. Go outside. Have a nice weekend.

Summer, bitches. Get some.