Here is the dumbest thing (Professional Journalist Division) you will read all day, and probably for all of infinity and beyond, about Mitt Romney’s SuperSecret No-Peeking-Allowed Private Hush Hush Tax Papers written by plucky boy journalist Matt Negrin.

Under the headline:

While Romney Is Poked, Tax Forms Are Tricky for Democrats, Too

Young Matt explains that… BOTH SIDES DO IT … or don’t do it…. or something:

When it comes to releasing tax forms, the issue du jour, Democrats have coordinated a campaign to embarrass Mitt Romney, who has refused to disclose more than one year of his taxes.

Some of the Democrats participating in the campaign, though, haven’t released their own tax forms either. Others have, and at least one says he would do so if he were asked to.

None of them are required to, of course, and it’s not routine for officials at the congressional and local level to do so.

Romney isn’t required to either, but most presidential candidates since his father in 1968 have provided years of tax records.

Who are these defiant Democrats who are not running for President by not handing Matt Negrin a fat folder containing their tax returns and dinner receipts from supposed “business lunches” at Applebee’s and why are they not in the Guantanamo Tax Cheat wing? Well, you gotcher:

Barack Obama and Joe Biden
Job: President and vice president
What They Said About Romney: “What’s important, if you are running for president, is that the American people know who you are what you’ve done and that you’re an open book.” (Obama) “Mitt Romney wants you to show your papers, but he won’t show us his.” (Biden)
Tax Status: Released

…and then there is:

Debbie Wasserman Schultz
Job: Chairwoman of the DNC
What She Said About Romney: “Why does an American businessman need a Swiss bank account and secretive investments like that?”
Tax Status: Not released

Wasserman Schultz was asked Monday night by a reporter in Boston whether it’s appropriate for her to get on Romney’s case when she hasn’t made her forms public.

“I’m not running for president. Mitt Romney is running for president,” she said. “I file full financial disclosure required under the law.”

Under that reasoning, Romney would have a case, too. Romney has broken no laws (that we know of) and has released a year of his tax returns — far short of the precedent set by his father, sure, but one year more than required.

But wait, the Weekly Standard has a hot scoop on Wasserman Schultz!

Disclosure forms reveal that Democratic National Committee chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz, a member of Congress from Florida, previously held funds with investments in Swiss banks, foreign drug companies, and the state bank of India. This revelation comes mere days after the Democratic chair attacked presumptive Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney for holding money in Swiss bank accounts in the past.

Just like MITT ROMNEY! But not really:

But disclosure forms reveal that in 2010, Wasserman Schultz invested between $1,001-$15,000 in a 401k retirement fund run by Davis Financial Fund. As the fund discloses, it is invested in the Julius Baer Group Ltd. and the State Bank of India GDR Ltd., as well as other financial, insurance, bank institutions.

Okay, so not secret accounts like Romney’s Sankaty High Yield Asset Investors Ltd but still scary foreign.

And what about this guy?

Mick Ireland
Job: Mayor of Aspen
What He Said About Romney: “That Mitt Romney won’t talk about that offshore money — where it is and how much it is — is pretty telling.”
Tax Status: Not released

Ireland told ABC News that his tax returns have never been an issue, and he offered to release them. He said he keeps only six years’ worth of full returns and summaries of previous years. Then he said he was busy and that he might not have time to look for the six years’ worth of returns. He said he’s never made more than a five-figure income while in public service.

Michelle Malkin also lives in Colorado and now Mick Ireland can probably look forward to Michelle peeking through his windows. If she sees granite countertops, he is so fucked.

Anyway, this Negrin thing will remain the dumbest thing written or said about Mitt Romney’s taxes until Mark Halperin inevitably explains that not releasing them is a good news for Mitt Romney… and John McCain.