Mindy Meyer is super tired of stupid old boring politics as usual so she is totally, like, going to gamechange the, y’know, paradigm or dynamic or whatevs and be NY’s most awesome BFF in the state Senate evah:

Mindy Meyer’s bright pink website for her New York state Senate campaign may have inspired some snark Monday on Twitter, but she says her candidacy is no laughing matter.

“One person’s response was, ‘Is this a joke?’ I’m like, absolutely not. If you see me in the Senate, you’ll know this isn’t a joke. It’s not like when I do my speeches, I’ll wear young, juvenile pink. Everything’s going to be substantive, just like every other candidate for Senate. The only difference is I’m trying to make it an exciting campaign,” Meyer told POLITICO.

The 22-year-old Orthodox Jewish student is running on the Republican and Conservative tickets against incumbent state Sen. Kevin Parker in the 21st state senatorial district in Brooklyn. The sparkling text on her website touts Meyer’s bedazzled slogan, “I’m senator and I know it,” as an instrumental version of LMFAO’s “Sexy and I Know It” plays in the background.

“The inspiration behind my site is that I went on my opponent’s website, and it was super boring,” Meyer said. “Every website you go on just puts you to sleep. I’m trying to appeal to the younger generation to show them that younger people should get involved in politics and we do care about them. The Senate’s not just a bunch of old people.”

As for the site’s color palette, Meyer credits Reese Witherspoon’s role in “Legally Blonde.”

“I’ve always loved pink and I figured, why not make this a more animated campaign website, not just red, white or blue?” Meyer said. “So I decided pink because pink’s my favorite color and the inspiration for that is definitely Elle Woods from ‘Legally Blonde.’ She showed me that you can take pink and make it sophisticated, take it all the way to Harvard. Why not just make everything exciting and animated so everyone should get involved in the election?”

And remember, when she does her speeches and stuff, she is totally not going to wear juvenile pink and stuff. Yucko, in front of all those creepy old dudes? No way! Legislating and stuff is serious and calls for, like,  that cute tank top and fitted skirt from H&M and her nice Uggs. Yeah, that black ones because it’s like a formal occasion and stuff. Maybe that Hunger Games jacket, too.

Sooo cute!Smiley