Working class hero Luke Russert, who has been “… sweating it out in the streets of a runaway American dream since 1985” (if by ‘streets’ you mean the one that ran from parents very lovely home to elitey St. Albans to Boston College to a highly-paid undeserved gig at 30 Rock) is still very concerned that real hardworking Joes like himself will be offended having to listen to that elitist lady who grew up in Oklahoma (which is just like Massachusetts only hoity-toytier) at the Democratic National Convention.

After being roundly mocked for attempting to point out that Elizabeth Warren is a Commie With A Blue Dress On because she hates on America’s dreamy bankster sweethearts, Luke put on his workpants, grabbed his lunch pail and hopped into his Chevy (which is totally chrome wheeled, fuel injected and steppin out over the line) and screamed down the boulevard on a last chance power drive to the Hill looking for fellow working stiffs like himself who have a real sense of What America Wants:

Elizabeth Warren’s plum speaking slot at next month’s Democratic National Convention has prompted misgivings among some centrist Democrats, who worry the Massachusetts Senate candidate could turn off independent voters.


But some members of the party wonder if selecting a figure like Warren — whom Republicans have sought to characterize as an out-of-touch elitist and cloistered Harvard professor — might hurt the party on a national level. She will speak the evening of Weds., Sept. 5, before a famed centrist Democrat: former President Bill Clinton.

“Having someone from the more extreme wing of the party, being given the primetime slot sends the wrong message to people in the middle who are legitimately up for grabs in this race,” said Pennsylvania Rep. Jason Altmire (D-PA).

Altmire is among the dwindling ranks of the Blue Dog Coalition, the group of moderate Democrats in the House. These lawmakers typically hail from rural or working class districts and favor more fiscally responsible policies and permissive gun rights.

They’ve seen their representation in Congress shrink, though. The caucus had 54 members before the 2010 midterm elections, which shrunk to 25 this Congress. At least seven of them — including Altmire, who lost a primary to a more liberal Democratic Rep. Mark Critz (PA) — won’t be returning to Washington next year.

Okay, so maybe he’s not very representative of where the party is going. Hey! Try this guy! He used to play football (badly) and Luke loves him some all-American sports like football:

But another retiring Blue Dog, North Carolina Rep. Health Shuler, expressed concern that Democrats could risk seeming as though they’re uninterested in moderates by putting Warren front-and-center.

Here is some other guy who is maybe not losing his job:

One Democratic operative NBC News that Warren could do that, too, but, “she carries a risk.”

“I’d say she’s high risk, high reward,” said the operative. “People could relate to her down with the ‘greedy guys’ talk, or see her as polarizing and part of the problem.”

Doesn’t ANYONE in the Democratic party love Elizabeth Warren? Well, there’s this guy,

Ohio Rep. Tim Ryan (D) saw particular opportunity for Warren to appeal to women: “She will definitely speak to working class women, and I don’t think she’s going to turn anybody off. She comes across as pretty tough; I don’t see her coming off as a heady intellectual, it’s inner toughness about taking on the banks.”

Yeah, but Tim Ryan represents the fancy-schmancy liberal enclaves of Akron and Youngstown, so what the hell does he know about the runaway American dream? He’s probably one of those members of the Professional Left who like to talk about the disparity between Americas haves and have-nots and everyone knows that talking about that is a death trap, it’s a suicide rap…