For those of you for whom the theory of a single gun-nut drunk on white power shooting up a Sikh temple because he thought they were Muslims sounds like some kind of meth-addled crazy talk, here are some alternate explanations courtesy of Alex Jones eminently reasonable Info-Wars blog.

First, the official info-wars report:

UPDATE: A separate source has corroborated the other eyewitness claim – a family member whose parents were victims of the shooting said his parents told him there were “multiple shooters” involved in a “coordinated” attack.

An eyewitness to the Sikh temple shooting in Wisconsin says that a team of four men dressed in black carried out the massacre, contradicting the official narrative that a lone gunman was the culprit.

Just like the ‘Batman’ massacre, after which eyewitnesses clearly stated that James Holmes had an accomplice, today’s tragedy in Oak Creek is already throwing up questions that may suggest a wider plot.

Speaking with the Associated Press, an eyewitness stated, “Between ten and ten-thirty, four white males who were dressed darkly, dressed in all black clothing, came in and opened fire on our congregation.”

With the federal government already labeling the shootings a “domestic terror incident,” the narrative is already being manufactured to blame the tragedy on conservatives and libertarians, as well as demonizing the second amendment.

President Barack Obama is already positioning himself to politically exploit the incident. Top Democratic strategists have previously welcomed the prospect of domestic terror incidents as a means of boosting Obama’s poll numbers and helping him re-connect with the American people.

The “filthy homosexual luciferian mafia scum” theory:

As I stated in a previous comment on another subject – all related in the grand scheme of things. 350,000 Russian troops here training with US military, and ready to rock and roll in the slaughter/round up of US citizens and gun confiscation. These shooters in Aurora, CO and here at the Temple are Russian Spetznaz troops being directed and armed by soetoro and his handlers via the cia and military black ops. Look for much more death and mayhem to occur by the hands of the enemy that be, while being blamed on so called “White Crazies”. These filthy homosexual luciferian mafia scum will stop at nothing to destory our freedoms, liberties and our Constitutional Republic. Get ready to defend yourselves and your families at all cost folks – the LineInTheSand is being drawn…


Praise God Almighty through the Blood of Christ Jesus!

The UFO & Exxon theory:

The first witness is Amardeep Kaleka an EMMY award winning director. His father was shot. He is currently working on a documentary called ‘Sirius’ with Dr. Greer which aims to expose a lot of the secrecy surrounding the UFO subject. It will also expose the suppression of technologies that would eliminate the need for fossil fuels.

Could you elaborate on that? Oh, here we go:

Also, Armadeep Kaleka is also a filmmaker that is currently working on a project called “Sirius”. The film is about the government suppressing knowledge of technology that could liberate the world from dependency on oil and nuclear power. And, replacing that with clean, sustainable, free energy that would threaten industrial and financial institutions. The work of Tesla is examined and why the FBI seized his research, as well as many other scientists that claim to have knowledge of technology that is being kept from the world to line the pockets of world banks. Again, perhaps not conspiratorial, but very interesting.

The Race War theory:

U.S. government is so corrupt they are now working on having as many people as possible be against each other. Trayvon Martin did not work for a race riot, but that was orchestrated to. Fast and Furious for all to be against Mexicans, but that back fired and discovered to be a ploy to grab the guns from citizens. Colorado shooting in a predominently black neighborhood is now discovered to be staged. Why not have shooting people go into a holy temple and start shooting to instigate that kind of uprising? Think for yourself instead of going along with what one person says.

The Illuminati did it:

This year in AMERICA the presidental elections big topic is going to be “Gun Control”
I heard this with my own ears in France on the radio, after the batman theatre shooting!
Among the many cards of Illuminati card game “called Illuminati New world order” created by steven Jackson at late 80′s ,launched at mid 90′s , there is a card called “GUN CONTROL”. Interesting.

Wait! No! It was CIA Manchurian Ultra Zombies:

You can count on this being a staged shooting.

We all predicted that there will be more and more of these CIA brainwashed MK ultra zombies used to attack innocents with firearms and blame it on all gun owners, our second amendment rights, all conservatives, patriots, constitutionalists and libertarians so they can enact total gun bans and arrest and interm all of us who will stand in the way of their new world order communist overthrow of our country.

Off topic, but this just in: the Mars Curiosity rover is just as fake as the moon landing:


Big f’ing deal.

Our government has probably lied to us about this BS as much they have most of everything else throughout history.

No man has ever set a damned foot on the moon either. It’s all a lie by our government.

The Van Allen radiation belts around the Earth kill everything that gets near them.

There isn’t any possible man made structure that can ever be made to proect any living creature that will withstand the lethal mega-dose of radiation from the Van Allen belts.

Do a google search on it or watch a movie called “When Astronauts Attack”.

Okay. Back to reality…. like the Super Satanic Soldiers of The Black Awakening:

It’s called the Black Awakening, like the Pentacost for the devil

Even if you disagree with Christianity and/or it offends you, I sincerly wish that Patriots would educate themselves on this concept from Mr. Dizdar who has spent decades in the trenches of this bowel of the NWO. It is what ‘they’ the ‘trained super soldiers’ are saying…..getting over Dizdar’s faith and listen to what these people believe, think and are planning for. It will affect you regardless of what you believe. They do.

Watchman76 says:
August 5, 2012 at 11:44 pm

As a Christian I am well aware of the spiritual battle taking place and how late the hour is. Thanks for the link, I had no idea there were over 4 million sleepers! My discernment tells me that Mr. Dizdar is the real deal. I can’t believe I’ve never come across any of his videos in the past. Thanks again!

And, finally, you liberals are somehow responsible:

Infowars- can you show any proof whatsoever that “Obama has staged shootings”? Not from conspiracy writers, not from Infowars conjecture, but actual investigative journalists?

If not, then you should retract this headline

Phoenix30 says:
August 5, 2012 at 10:50 pm

Can you prove it wasn’t? Witnesses are reporting up to four shooters. No live news from the scene was allowed. Witnesses were asked to stay off their phones. Why? Who benefits?

Also the headline was a question. Assumptions can be wrong, even supposed facts can be wrong. But a question can not be wrong because its not a statement but a query. The reasons these questions come up is because we know the media lies, and we know for sure the government lies. That’s a fact. Even the lamestream media has said that. Yet at the same time the media says to believe everything the government says. But they lie too.

Oh and liberals? Liberal translates to me “Immoral”. Period. Liberals are not patriots. Liberals are immoral, sarcastic, prideful scum. I HATE liberals. Absolutely hate them. I think I agree with about 1% of what they go on about. Otherwise they are 99% idiotic. Tired of the damn liberals, who are the shame of the United States.

You guys should be ashamed of yourselves.

All that money wasted on sending you to the Manchurian Illuminati Zombie Super Luciferian Soldier summer camps and this is the thanks we get?

Very disappointing.