Bill Kristol’s dumb son-in-law is very very disappointed in alleged lady assassin Mitt “Mitt” Romney’s allegedly well-oiled operation because it seems to be allegedly completely unprepared to explain itself/manage crises effectively/anticipate attacks/counter-attack and wage all-out war. It should be noted at this time that, despite these failings, Matt Continetti doesn’t think they should preclude Mitt Romney from being the leader of the free world because … I don’t know … it gets better? Yeah, okay, probably that.

Here is Free Bacon Matt explaining how the Nobonerbama campaign is cockblocking Mitt’s chances of making hot electoral love with midwestern blue collar guys who have plenty of free time (funemployment!) to sexy it up all day long since Mitt shipped their mind-numbing yet lifestyle-sustaining jobs to India and China:

In 2012 Obama campaign manager Jim Messina, chief strategist David Axelrod, White House senior adviser David Plouffe, and super PAC strategists Bill Burton and Paul Begala are out to disillusion white voters without college degrees in the Rust Belt and Mountain West, who will elect Mitt Romney president if they vote Republican by the 30-point margin they gave the GOP in 2010, but who could also give President Obama a second term if they do not turn out in great numbers, or if their support drops to the 18-point margin they gave John McCain in 2008.

We are therefore witnessing a well-rehearsed and coordinated and almost balletic exercise in voter suppression, as Obama and his helpers spend hundreds of millions of dollars convincing middle America that Romney is a rich elitist who made a fortune in rapacious finance capitalism, and whose concern for the bottom line trumps transparency, compassion, and community. The objective of this campaign is to tie Romney down, Gulliver-like, with connections to the most lurid aspects of Bain Capital and the global economy, thereby hobbling his ability to make his case and dragooning white voters into apathy.

You know, if you go back and read that second paragraph, it kind of seems like Continetti agrees with Barack Obama’s Chicago ACORN 312 Mafia about Romney’s “rapacious finance capitalism, and whose concern for the bottom line trumps transparency, compassion, and community” because Matt didn’t once use the conservative ‘safe’ word: “free enterprise”. I can only conclude that Matt Continetti is secretly a part of the Dump Rominee faction of the party which should come as no surprise as Real Conservatives like Matt consider prematurely ejecting Mitt in favor of someone who can get the blood-pumping in all of the right places.