We noted the other day that angry half-Mexican ginger Josh Treviño landed a sweet gig at The Guardian where his job will be to explain to an international audience why conservatives like himself want people unlike himself murdered because of  their beliefs, HA HA, that is not what he meant when he said murder them. Stop it, you guys! NUANCE! CONTEXT! Also twitter-murder is less violent than beating a hooker to death with a baseball bat in Grand Theft Auto: Gaza Strip so it doesn’t count. Tap tap, no erasies.

Unfortunately for Josh, foreign audiences are less likely to forgive and forget like, say, your average CNN viewer who lets Erick Erickson call retiring Justice Souter a “goat fucking child molester“  or listens to Dana Loesch talk about how peeing on dead people turns her on and they’re more apt to go, “meh” possibly because they think they’re watching Comedy Central. How else does one explain Wolf Blitzer, hunh?

Anyway, nasty foreign people are cluttering up Josh’s comments and being racist against his bigotry so Matt Wells, The Guardian’s New York-based blogs editor, had to step in and say, “Hey, shut up you dicks, we needed someone who has a comprehensive history of bigotry and misogyny combined with a sneering disregard for facts, empathy, and simple human kindness to explain those bugfuck Republicans to us … and Josh is that dude.”

I’m paraphrasing, of course:

On 20 August, the Guardian published Treviño’s first branded column about the debate over Medicare in the United States. However, almost two hundred reader comments to date focused almost entirely on Treviño’s history of racist and violent statements.

Today, Matt Wells, The Guardian’s New York-based blogs editor, made the following statement in the comments section of Treviño’s 20 August article:

I completely understand the strong reaction against Josh [Treviño]. Much of what he has said in the past on Twitter and elsewhere is tasteless, to say the very least. But we have taken Josh on to write about the Republican side of the US presidential campaign because he represents a strand of thinking in the GOP that is in the ascendancy. Whatever we think about it, the Republican party has taken a significant lurch to the right in recent years and we should try and understand why that is, and what’s going on there. Josh is well placed to articulate that.

The good news for Treviño is that, so far, he has managed to hold on to his new job a lot longer than his fellow Red State co-founder Ben “Cut ‘n Paste” Domenech who only managed to last three days at the Washington Post.

Ha ha. Suck it, Ben. Too much plagiarism, not enough misanthropy…