Having alienated the poors, blahs, olds, browns, gayz, wimmens, youngs, and unions, Mitt Romney is now attempting to throw his largest constituency (middle-aged white men who look at their wives and don’t see a busty MILF cheerleader/boss/teacher/furry butt-slut, so they go back to watching SportsCenter) under the bang bus:

Mitt Romney’s campaign told a leading anti-pornography group that the Republican nominee will pursue and prosecute pornography if elected President.

Three months ago, well after Romney became the presumptive Republican nominee, his campaign held multiple meetings with Morality in Media, a group which describes itself as the “leading national organization opposing pornography and indecency,” according to executive director Dawn Hawkins. She told ThinkProgress that they had met with Alex Wong, Romney’s political director and legal policy adviser, to discuss the issue of pornography and what he would do about it if elected president.

During that meeting, Wong allegedly told Morality in Media that the campaign “would pursue prosecutions” of pornography and that the issue is “important to them.” The Romney campaign met with the organization “a number of times” in the past three months, Hawkins said.

Once all of the pornography is gone from the internet, angry white dudes will only be left with ambassador rape slash fiction, Ross Douthat’s Tales Of Almost Conquest, and Michelle Malkin cheerleader videos.

Then nobody wins.