As of today, September 19 in the Year of Our Tebow 2012, I have been “blogging” for ten (10) years.

Yay me.

Sprung from the blogger incubator that was Salon’s Table Talk, I was at my own popsicle stand for the first five years before settling in here at the FDL mothership. During my time doing this smartass internet thing on an almost daily basis, I have written 12,796 posts, or about 3.5 per day, many – actually most – containing swears, ad hominems, uncalled-for characterizations, irresponsible speculation, grossly unfair attacks, gratuitous trolling, cruel aspersions, as well as video clips of Bile Monster Michelle Malkin trying to leap higher than three inches off of the ground while wearing someone’s creepy idea of a Catholic school girl cheerleader costume. Yes, it has been a wonderful life.

When I started blogging, the L&T Casey was in middle school and now she going to graduate school in NYC. I owned two bassets, Satchmo and Beckham, who are both sadly gone before their time, and I acquired two more, Fenway and Wembley who are both sadly sleeping in my spot on the bed meaning there will be much groaning and moaning and seemingly boneless bodies that will require shifting when I call it a night.  Through it all, there has also been the leggy and bootylicious mrs Tbogg who has given up THE PLEASURE OF MY COMPANY for better than a third of our marriage so that I could spend thousands of hours in front of a computer wading through the fever swamps of conservative punditry and then writing mean things about them for the amusement of you, my (her words) “weird little internet friends”.  Don’t you feel special? You should.

I would be remiss if I didn’t point out that when the lovely and talented Jane Hamsher invited to come on board here (with absolutely no restrictions on who or what I write about), I was ready to hang ‘em up and get on with life amongst the living in a city with an average daily temperature of 70 degrees and, therefore, no real  good reason to be inside all the time.  Two weeks ago I wrote Jane informing her that I was once again ready to call it a ‘career’ (this 10 year occasion was going to be my so long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, good night to you all) and then fade away like the legendary Billmon. Jane, using a heady mixture of flattery and charm, convinced me to keep on doing this because America needs me.

She didn’t actually use those words but it was, you know, implied.

So, yeah, I’m still here and it has been ten years and I want to extend my heartfelt thanks to all of you who have encouraged me to fritter away my life being a somewhat popular blogger/demonic conservative ridicule-machine/internet jerkface when I could have been serving mankind or Jesus or some other kind of feelgood We-Are-The-World kumbaya bullshit like that.

Yeah. Like that would have happened….

Also, too

Seriously, that never gets old.