Lil Timmy may get some more playing time this week against the Niners because, well, we’ll let former professional sport scribe and current dazzling suburbanite and political wordsmith Charlie Pierce explain it all to you:

As I mentioned earlier, the NFL has de-scabbified itself, which means there will be actual football to bet on… er… appreciate for its essential esthetic value this weekend. By far, the most intriguing game has San Francisco visiting the New York Jets. The 49ers have a defense that can completely bumfuzzle the likes of Mark Sanchez — to be fair, so do half the high schools in Texas — so I’m figuring that, long about the eight-minute mark of the third quarter, Rex and the staff, to say nothing of the howling mob in the stands, will be well-nigh overcome by…

The Tebow Temptation.

Oh, please, baby Jeebus, you know I’m your amigo. Let them succumb to it.

Ditto. What he said….
Rant about the American futbol below….