Second Verse, Worse As The First

I bet you woke up this morning wondering, “Hey. How did Atlas Shrugged Part II: The Sequeling do at the box office this weekend?”. Then you probably got distracted and went in search of Pop-Tarts and, what kind of Communist asshole buys strawberry Pop-Tarts without the icing? Might as well eat some fucking quinoa with sprout sprinkles or something.

Well, anyway, getting back to A-Shrug II, I looked it up for all of you 47% moochers who refuse to take responsibility for searching for box office numbers on your own — no no no, you just sit there on your couch sucking on your 82 oz high fructose breakfast diabetes cola and let Big TBogg nannystate the Free Information for you, you blood-sucking information parasite on the body internet.

Let’s see here….

So we’ve got a three-day total of $1,708,000 or, as it is known on Hollywood, ‘what Ron Howard spends on baseball caps in a year’.

So how does that compare to Atlas Shrugged I: Ignore It And It Will Go Away?

Opening weekend total: $1,686,347. So, about a $22K difference which could be attributed to increased ticket prices, so we’ll call it even-steven which is more that the producers can say since A-Shrug I eventually pulled down $4,627,375 during it’s theatrical run after having been produced/distributed/marketed for $20 million.

To be fair, this weekend’s box office may have been hurt because Rand-fanboi Paul Ryan and family were busy pretending to work in a soup kitchen and care about the poors and they couldn’t slip away for an afternoon matinee.

Either way, Atlas wept…

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