I will, with barely disguised disinterest, be free twattering another Presidential debate tonight because of Democracy and Freedom and the Free Exchange Of Ideas In The Public Square, but mostly because it will probably get me out of having to make dinner which is just a waste of time anyway because you eat, you sleep, you poop, you die … circle of life … whatever, who cares, all we are is dust in the wind, man.

If they feel like it, the FDL nerd elves will put up the twittertwatterticker here again. Or not. I mean it’s not like it’s going to make any difference in the grand scheme of things or in the eyes of an uncaring and louch God who will probably spend His evening watching SVU reruns while peeling and eating a Tollhouse cookie dough log because who is going to tell Him that that is not a healthy and nutritious meal?

Not me, that’s for sure.

I’m just along for the ride, gratefully accepting what small and meager pleasures this fleeting life affords me: a cloudless sky filled with stars at four in the morning, the sound of waves crashing on a beach, a child’s laugh, Kate Upton’s boobs….

I abide.