Multiple Pulitzer Prize finalist and banjo-playing fool Joe Newby reports that the blahs are threatening to get all up in America’s grill if President Afrika “Barry” Obambatta is not not given another four years to turn America into a Muslim Boogaloo Wonderland of Miscegenation & Hip Hop Barbeques. How do we know this is true? Because plans are being posted on the supersecret Underground Railroad New Black Panthers Pan-African Black Jesus Tupac Twitter machine:

On Friday, Obama supporters on Twitter stepped up threats to riot if Mitt Romney wins, Twitchy reported.

“If Obama doesn’t win, I will actually start a riot. This is not a joke,” threatened “Parker.”

Although that tweet was deleted, Twitchy posted many more.

“If Obama lose it’s going to be the biggest riot in history… Beacause, I’m going to start it (sic),” wrote “Dimz.”

One Twitter user responded, saying he “can call it the Million Moron March.”

“I Swear If Romney Win Imma Start A M****f***in Riot (sic),” wrote one grammatically-challenged Twitter user.

“If Romney win we should start a riot (sic),” wrote another Obama supporter.

“Romney wins= L.A. Riot (sic),” another said.

Overall, Twitchy posted 23 tweets from Obama supporters threatening to riot if Romney wins.

“Those are just the riot threats posted today (Friday November 2nd). It is reasonable to assume that hundreds more were posted prior to today — all of them ignored by a complacent, biased mainstream media,” the Twitchy staff wrote.

And if it is on Twitchy, which is Michelle Malkin’s Twitter for Tweakers website, it must be true, so I’d suggest you stock up on ammunition, canned goods and fire extinguishers or, should you wish to negotiate with the rampaging natives: more motherfucking iced tea and white daughters.

If you want to get through this with as little damage as possible, you should also spray-paint SHAKA ZULU in enormous red letters on your garage door or across the front of your house because it is the secret negro “safe word”, so I am told. In fact, you should go do this right now, just to play it safe….