Like the last employee of a closing Blockbuster Video, Breitbart’s Joel Pollak refuses to admit that streaming video will keep him, as God is his witness, from delivering the goods, by which he means renting out all 72 copies of Jack & Jill whether America wants to see it or not.

Except he’s talking about the Breitbart brand of race-bating dumb.

Because, despite  what Nate Silver’s nerdy mathcentric-polls and all the accumulated votes might say, Barack Obama lost big last night and he took America down with him:

On November 6, the people of the United States rejected President Barack Obama. And re-elected him to a second term in office.

Okay then. Proceed…

Though Obama failed to win a majority in the popular vote–and may even have lost the popular vote outright–             [actually Obama won the popular vote, but let's not interrupt Joel when he is on a roll - TB] he won enough votes in the Electoral College to claim victory. The same constitutional peculiarity that brought George W. Bush into office in 2000 may have returned Obama to the White House.

The voters also re-affirmed the results of the historic Tea Party election of 2010, returning Republicans to power in the House of Representatives. And yet the voters also retained Democrats in control of the Senate, preserving the results of the anti-war wave election of 2006.

The U.S. Congress is now divided between two parties whose members were elected on platforms of protest, each determined to stop the other from pursuing its policies.

In the days that follow, great efforts will be spent on explaining the results as consequences of many factors, big and small.

Perhaps Obama would have lost if not for Hurricane Sandy. Perhaps Romney would have won if he had fought harder over Benghazi or pushed back against personal attacks. Perhaps the GOP is out of touch with the country’s changing mores and demographics. Perhaps Democrats have not yet reckoned with fiscal reality.

Both sides lost. The American people, in effect, handed a vote of no confidence to Washington.

Which  reminds me that, even though Jan Schakowsky received 66% of the vote in 2010 and beat Joel Pollak, perhaps Joel actually won and has been the Congressperson representing Illinois’s 9th congressional district all of this time in exile because vote totals are like golf and the lowest score wins. This could be equally true.

Our fault, as a nation, was to forget the lessons of our own success. Having triumphed in a global, decades-long struggle against collectivism and totalitarianism, we refused to celebrate that victory, failing for twenty years to teach its lessons to the next generation.

And as Andrew Breitbart often reminded us, the most important battles must be cultural ones, because culture and media inevitably shape the political choices we make together.

That war must begin anew. And it begins now.

It is not simply a battle over whether the establishment or the Tea Party leads the Republican opposition. It is not just a search for the next presidential contender. And it is bigger than the ongoing fight against the mainstream media–a weakened but still formidable enemy.

The war is a fight for the hearts, minds, and souls of the American people–waged every day, in culture as in politics.

I give about eight months before it is a mere shell of the shell it has already become and Pollak is selling #WAR t-shirts at the Long Beach swap meet.

#WAR t-shirts, bitchez. 3 for $20. Get some…