Remember this greatest hit from the Daily Caller’s Fail Whale Matt Boyle:

And, btw, Dave Weigel and tons and tons of other reporters (including many who work for Buzzfeed) say my style of reporting is brilliant. ‘Genius’ says one of Ben’s reporters to me. So cut the crap, grow up and answer the questions—if you’re capable of doing so.

Lil Luke Russert, still smarting from getting his little pee-pee smacked by Nancy Pelosi after face-planting while attempting to stick his Villager “Some People Say….” landing, gets a failing grade from NYU journalism professor Jay Rosen and responds thusly:

“Some accomplished journalists say…” Luke Russert is a chip off the ol’ pumpkin-head.

It is also worth noting that the nepotist prince bros-before-ho’s problem with the ladies is flaring up with greater frequency.  First this:

Yeah, he was right on the money with that one.

Now this following his Pelosi slap down:

Bitches: They’re always divisive and polarizing….