Now that we’re going to save a few bucks by winding down that war in Afghanistan (yes, REALLY, we’re fighting a war in Afghanistan – it was in all of the papers back in the day), President Droney McKillingthings is totally going to drop some detonating deuces on Cambodia because, according to the Dead Breitbart humor site, the bitch wife of Cambodia’s prime minister was all “next time you come into our country, use the servants entrance, boy” while Obama was America-Apologizing Bowing to her:

During a recent visit to Cambodia, President Barack Obama appeared to have been slighted by the country’s first lady without realizing it.

Bun Rany, wife of Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen, appeared to greet Obama with a dismissive gesture meant to be used in addressing servants. The incident occurred after a “tense” meeting between Sen and Obama over human rights concerns the WH has with Cambodia’s government.

In the placement of her hands and her posture towards Obama, Bun Rany appeared to be insulting the president when she was introduced to him, according to the Investor’s Business Daily. Her husband looked on during the exchange, smiling.

Other commenters claim that Bun Rany was trying to greet President Obama as a peer through her gesture, but the Investor’s Business Daily editorial board claimed the move was “a little dig that was probably lost on him but not to Asians.”

Oh, SNAP!, Dragon Lady.

So now Obama is going to find a pretext (terrorists, golfing got rained out, …one of those) to bomb the living bejesusBuddha out of Cambodia, if not for the dis, then at least to impress his new “lady friend” in Thailand.

If you can’t read the body language in that shot, lemme tell you that he’s totally thinking about banging her like a gong.

Sorry Kampuchea, you had a nice run but you’re about to become Kampu-SEE-YA wouldn’t want to be ya.