Hey kids, let’s watch ladykiller Joe Scarborough go all, “oh no, you’ dit’int!” and ‘snap snap snap’ at his abused teevee wife, Mika Brzezinski, for getting all lady-uppity and challenging Joe’s dominion on his morning caffeinated conventional wisdom idiot show.

Of course, later in the show Brzezinski apologized:

Later in the show, Brzezinski apologized to Scarborough, saying his “entire career” backs up the fact that he is not, indeed, a chauvinist. She reiterated her point that she disliked how Scarborough handled the segment.

…because Joe Scarborough is not one to be trifled with

I have no problem with Scarborough snapping his fingers at his panel as long he always does it to Harold Ford with the admonition, “Nobody gives a shit what you think, grifter” and then the rest of the panel just laughs and laughs.

Also, he should punch Mark Halperin in the mouth. Just because…