Google honored Cesar Chavez today instead of Zombie Jesus:

Like a child who can’t sleep on the night before Easter or Christmas because they can’t wait to see what the Easter Bunny/Santa brought them, wingnuts can’t sleep at night because they can’t wait to see how the world will offend them the next day.

And so (courtesy of Buzzfeed):

We single out Brett Joshpe because he is obviously New York’s brightest attorney, the pride of Harvard Law and quite the opinion shaper:

In addition, Joshpe is a published author and has contributed to various national publications, including Forbes Online, Investors Business Daily, The New York Post The New York Daily News, Newsday, and The San Francisco Chroncile (sic).

Needless to say, the tweet is gone and there is no mea culpa (which is latin for “my bad”) in evidence.

The good news is that Joshpe is:

…which  explains so much about the current state of conservative opinionaticating.