Last night George Zimmerman fanboi and dumber than the average bear Matt Boyle (and, seriously, how dumb do you have to be for Dan Riehl to call you dumb? Like .. a lot) invited everyone to his Big Dumb Pigford Party today which is when a bunch of rightwing bloggers get together and complain about how the gubmint is taking tax dollahs from Real Americans and giving them to the uppity nigras to pay for their T-bones, Cadillacs and Hip Hop Barbeques. So, really, it’s like the other 364 days of the year…but with Mylar balloons.


So who showed up? Will there be chicks and beer? Endless games of hangman where all the words are racist slurs?  Well, it seems that only Breitbart C-listers Matt and Lee Stranahan and….well, nobody else actually, showed up. How big of a fizzle was this?

Jim Hoft, who is universally known even by people who live in the mountains of Afghanistan without computers or electricity, as the Stupidest and/or Dumbest Man On The Internet, couldn’t get lathered up enough to drop by for pigs-in-a-blanket and pudding cups. If you can’t convince Jim Hoft to get himself all gussied up in a lightweight percale hood and robe ensemble for a night of high tech lynching, you might as well put a black man in the White House and let the world go to tarnation.