Happy 4th of July, Obots and Opologists and fellow DLC-paid shills for the corporatist Obamaligarchy.

Today we take the day off from punching hippies and boot-stomping on their faces – forever – to indulge in ostentatious  displays of faux patriotism via going to the beach or out into our backyards where we barbeque and sear animal flesh to be consumed whilst swilling low calorie beer in an orgy of self-congratulation for being born in the Greatest Country in the World, even though the women in France are way hotter AND THEY SPEAK FRENCH which makes them even hotter.

Please feel free to use the comments to wish each other a happy holiday … until one of our perpetually-aggrieved brethren shows up to explain that we can never be happy about anything ever ever ever because Michelle Obama is fascist force-feeding low-income kids kale and our public transportation is sorely lacking (Atrios only) and also no world peace yet too.

And remember: if you leave the potato salad out in the sun too long and it turns … It’s Obama’s fault.

Just like everything else….

Also, too. This: